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Creative + Producer

Hey There

I'm Austin ziprick, and you're on my website

For a little about me, I Work in the creative industry doing photography and video production

this journey began when I was in my later mid-teens taking product photos of my old legos to sell on eBay

what started as a hobby enterprise eventually grew into a full-on passion for artistic and commercial production

and I've continued down the path

* placeholder for a proper intro video *

(coming soon)

Nowadays, I live in Los Angeles and work full-time in the industry as a freelance artist along with managing my own production company, Ziprick Arts & Enterprises, serving individuals & businesses all along the west coast and even nationally

A few of the more recognizable companies I've had dealings with

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A photo of yours truly doing what I love

While it is true that A lot of my work experience is focused on the Commercial side of the industry, I am still a creative who enjoys making things for the sake of art, creativity, and self-expression

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